Zipett is an innovative online platform building a bridge between the real world and the new digital economy. We aim to make blockchain more consumable, by helping everyday businesses and consumers utilise the power of cryptocurrency, letting those new to the power of cryptocurrency test the waters with a minimum of risk, as well as helping those currently holding cryptos to realise their gains in a real-world setting, by simplifying digital transactions and trade, rewarding users and providing a safe and secure environment in which to operate.

a completely fungible stablecoin, tethered to the AUD and backed by a treasury which is rigorously monitored by one of the world’s largest accounting and auditing firms.

AUDZ is the first pillar of our digital economy. It is a fully-backed stablecoin, meaning that the value of 1 AUDZ will always be equal to $1 AUD. This provides the stability the business community needs to be able to transact with a digital currency on a day-to-day basis.

Importantly, every AUDZ in our economy is backed in our internal treasury by an equivalent amount of AUD. This means that unlike a lot of other digital currencies, you can always convert your AUDZ back to AUD at any point – no waiting to find a seller on an exchange or hoping that the value stays high enough to cover your costs. Our treasury is audited regularly.

AUDZ will be joined shortly by other stablecoins, all tethered in the same way – first USDZ, for use both in the USA and globally, and then more countries as we expand globally in line with all national and international regulations.

Please note that while any AUDZ earned through transactions can be cashed out immediately, any AUDZ received as part of a stimulus program (sign-on bonuses or affiliate rewards) must be spent by the original receiver within the AUDZ economy.

ZIPC is the second pillar of our platform. Where AUDZ is our stable, transactional currency, ZIPC is our vehicle for change. As the ERC-20 master utility token for the Zippet platform, ZIPC will be used to assign benefits and rewards to early adopters and other holders within the community. It provides access to special offers, rewards and discounts available only to holders, as well as early access to exclusive products and invitation to community events.

ZIPC also plays a pivotal role in the long-term utility goals of the platform, such as crypto-secured lending, micro-financing, staking and more. As we are currently in the process of obtaining all necessary licenses to provide these services, more information will be posted here and in the blog as it becomes available.

Zipett provides an online network of business who accept payment with our tokens (over 110,000) with no gas fees, a consistently audited treasury for immediate cash-out when required, a rewards program designed exclusively to stimulate the economy, and a P2P trust-based moderation system to ensure a positive user experience.

Zipett is a complete online economy and community, powered by blockchain. Integral to our platform are our two launch tokens – AUDZ (point 3), a tethered stablecoin backed by a rigorously audited treasury, and ZIPC , our ERC-20 master utility token which is geared towards growth.

At the heart of the Zipett Platform is the wallet, an app now available on Android and IOS. Within the app, users will be able to check and transfer between their AUDZ, ZIPC, BTC and ETH wallet balances (with more currencies supported soon), find business members nearby or around the world who accept payment in crypto, send and receive funds, sell or purchase goods and services, cash out their crypto into fiat, review other users and much, much more.

We are different from other trading platforms in several ways, however:

  • Our partnership with Progressive Investment Management, the world’s largest digital trading community, will enable our members to spend their crypto at 110,000 business globally – with more coming on board every day.

  • Our audited treasury program enables our members to exchange their currencies – both digital and fiat – seamlessly, giving you access to even more usability (finally, an easy way to spend BTC and ETH!).

  • Our P2P trust scores ensure that you only deal with businesses and individuals who are committed to the integrity of the network.

  • Our networks with real-world property developers means that your crypto can be used today to finance anywhere from 10-100% of the purchase of real estate here in Australia.

  • Our incredible affiliate rewards and stimulus programs encourage both merchants and consumers to trade and grow together, while helping to the build the network in a sustainable fashion.

Importantly, all of our development costs have been borne by the original founders and backers. Therefore, all of the money within the AUDZ stable economy stays within the economy – no profit is taken out. This means we are as invested in you in the long-term success of our ZIPC utility token, which is only being released slowly over a ten-year period. We’re here for the long haul. For more information, see the White Paper, or to get on board, click here to download the app.

Our treasury is monitored rigorously by a reputable international accounting firm, to ensure that it is always in balance (or excess) against circulating tokens; our P2P trust-based moderation ensures a self-cleansing system and guards against bad actors; and our heavy focus on licensing (AFSL, LREA, etc) ensure we remain one of, if not the most compliant cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

The Zipett platform is unique amongst digital economies by way of its steadfast commitment to transparency, accountability and compliance. Our funds are secured within our treasury, including the tethers for our stablecoins such AUDZ, are constantly audited, with the results being published – not hidden away behind esoteric blockchain explorers or hidden deep in financial reports.

Our community is also self-moderated utilising our P2P-enabled Trust Scores. Every interaction between buyers, sellers and other community members invites a review process, with contributors assigning each other a score between one and ten. While high-performing contributors to the network will be rewarded, low-scored members will be subject to a peer-review process.

As members can only join by being invited by other members, it becomes incumbent on each member to audit those they have invited – if the issue escalates beyond two levels, it will be referred to the central compliance team, and all members found not to be contributing to upholding the standards of the Zipett platform may have their incentives removed or in serious cases, be removed from the platform entirely. This invests our users in ensuring the integrity of the Zipett network, and that only those who believe in a fair, mutually beneficial platform are allowed to reap the benefits.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies and rulings, and in being one of the most qualified and licensed bodies globally operating in the blockchain space. We operate under two Australian Financial Services License authorisations (non-cash payments and treasury), an Australian real estate license, and are in the process of gaining authorisation for an AFSL (Securities). As we expand globally, we will be working with all regulators and licensing agencies in each company to ensure that we remain at the forefront of bringing legitimacy and credibility to the blockchain industry.

joining is completely free and rewarded with a sign-up bonus. A 3% transaction fee applies to both buyers and sellers, which is exclusively used to stimulate the economy and reward users – we never take a profit from the stable economy.

To join the Zipett platform is absolutely free! Whether you’re a merchant looking to grow their customer base with a listing in our directory, or a consumer looking to find new ways to acquire and spend crypto, there are no charges for signing up – and in fact, for a limited time we will directly credit you with $20 AUDZ which you can spend right away! This increases to $50 for businesses who choose to list on the network.

The only costs incurred are a small 3% fee on transactions charged to buyers and sellers. Importantly, however, this is not taken out of the economy as a profit – it is used exclusively to stimulate spending, cover operational costs, reward consumers and grow the network through our affiliate program. We do not, and will never, take a profit from this fee, and we welcome any scrutiny of our constantly audited accounts. We also donate a percentage of those fees to charity – if you’re a registered charity, send us an email to look at getting involved.

we offer $20-50 in AUDZ just for signing up (!), a an affiliate program paying you 1% not only of your affiliates’ transactions but your sub-affiliates as well (one level only), and a host of discounts, special offers, competitions and more, to encourage growth and continued use.

Let the good times roll! We have factored a variety of reward programs into the platform, to not only encourage our members to help grow the network, but also to reward users for transacting and having high trust scores .

To start, any consumer who signs up to the platform receives $20 of AUDZ tokens completely free. You can spend it, send it, sell it – it’s your crypto, your way. Take it one step further and join as a business, and receive a total of $50 worth of AUDZ, to thank you for helping grow the platform, and so you can make a few purchases and understand how the system works. This sign-on bonus is being funded by our founders and original investors, and numbers are limited to the first one million consumers and 200,000 businesses, so get in quick.

After that, we need to grow our network of businesses. To do that, we’ve developed an affiliate program which can help people create lasting and sustainable residual income streams. It works like this:

a) You sign up your friends, family, a local business – anyone who can see the benefit in what we’re doing and in being part of the platform. From that point onwards, they become your affiliate, and you receive 1% of every transaction they perform.
b) They sign up consumers or businesses under them, receiving 1% of their transactions – and you receive 1% as well, as they become your sub-affiliates.

That’s it. It only goes two levels deep – this isn’t MLM – but as you can imagine, the numbers can get pretty big, pretty quickly. Remember that the 1% is funded out of the 3% transaction fee, with the remainder going to the treasury to fund the stimulus programs below. Some people won’t be too interested in bringing hordes of other people online, and that’s fine – but for some affiliates, this is a fantastic way of earning some residual cash.

As an example, can you imagine bringing on board your local restaurant? They’ll be receiving free marketing through our platform, and being paid in AUDZ, which they can spend or exchange back into AUD at any time. They can also offer any customers who aren’t already Zipett members a free $20, which can be used to pay for their meals – meaning a fantastic discount that the restaurant doesn’t even have to pay for. You’ll be receiving 1% of every transaction that restaurant performs through the platform – but not only that, you’ll receive 1% of every transaction their customers perform… for life. We don’t need sales reps out banging down people’s doors – the community itself is rewarded for helping us grow.

Now that we’ve grown the community, it’s time to encourage people to stick around, and thank them for their loyalty. To that end, we’ll be instituting a variety of rewards programs from the remainder of the transaction fees – weekly payouts to the top members based on volume and trust scores, special discounts, group buys, competitions, and much, much more. We aim to make Zipett the safest and easiest to use digital currency marketplace in the world.

Real-time translation and encrypted messaging for chatting to buyers/sellers overseas, tax tracking integrations, an internal DCE and a whole lot more!

We’ll never tell!

Only kidding. We’d love to share our plans with you, but as we are focused on being completely compliant with all relevant regulatory bodies, a lot of the specifics of what we’re planning can’t be shared at the moment. Think instant global transfers and payments, lending against crypto, micro-financing and loans, and much, much more…

What we can share is some of our immediate steps. We’ve partnered with DoTalk, one of the world’s leading translation and communication apps, and will be bringing securely encrypted communications with real-time translation on board as soon as possible. Want to transact with your suppliers in China, or sell your goods and services in Brazil? We can make it happen in real time, with unmatched translation accuracy. We can even provide instant translation services to groups conversing in multiple languages at once. Why pitch a country, when you can pitch the entire world?

We’re also building a DCE (digital currency exchange) for buying, selling and swapping digital currencies and tokens. While of course our own tokens such as AUDZ and ZIPC will be priorities, we’ll also be offering the ability to trade in a raft of other cryptocurrencies. We’re even looking into the possibility of creating a trading platform and allowing people to dip their toes into the markets via copy trading, automated trading and more.

Our commitment to creating end-to-end crypto convenience in a single place means we’re also in talks with taxation experts to help our members track their liabilities and obligations in an increasingly complicated regulatory environment. In other words – we're looking to make crypto tax easy.

Lastly, our networks with property developers across Australia and the globe mean we can offer high-quality real estate with deposits and/or settlement paid in Z4REAL. Our strategic partners have already settled over 5,000 properties in the past two financial years to 2021 – and this is just the start. This is not just a marketplace we’re building – it’s an entire digital economy.

We’re always looking to connect with entrepreneurs, developers, and people who dream big. If you’re thinking about launching a blockchain/crypto project, get in touch with the team and there might just be a spot for you on the platform!