robert tidy
caroline macdonald
cco (chief compliance officer)
kym gallagher
cfo (chief financial officer)
Todd Pierce
Chief Growth Officer
vikas khosla
CTO (chief technology officer)
jarrad parke
coo (chief operation officer)

our strategic and governance partners

PIM – Progressive Investment Management is a global organisation offering multiple digital platforms and solutions to B2B, B2C and P2P members to better manage cash flow, gain new customers and forge networks. This alliance brings 110,000 businesses globally to accept our currencies.

The International Reciprocal Trade Association - IRTA - the International Reciprocal Trade Association is the peak industry body for barter and reciprocal trade exchanges globally. Representing over 400,000 businesses around the world, and supervising an industry transacting an estimated $14B in trade volume annually, Zipett is proud to be one of the very first cryptocurrency platforms ever to be extended membership by IRTA, and we look forward to working closely with the industry and its representatives, and assisting the IRTA board and members as they increasingly begin to harness the power of cryptocurrencies in their own endeavours.

Universal Currency – Universal Currency, a complementary currency developed in 1997, fuels the largest inter-exchange trading platform in the barter industry, averaging approximately one million dollars of barter transactions per month. Over 100 of the best barter exchanges, corporate trade companies and complementary currency organizations around the globe participate in UC to increase the scope of products and services they can offer their members on trade, and both UC and Zipett are excited to be building a bridge to not only allow our members access to UC’s impressive business base, but also further increase the reach, usage and desirability of Universal Currency.

Our Governance Advisors

Nicholson Ryan – we have also engaged Nicholson Ryan, a boutique law firm that provides legal services across all areas of commercial and corporate law to corporates and high net worth individuals. They are recognised nationally as being at the coalface of developments in fintech regulations and technology, and have a strong grounding in the technological and legislative aspects of cryptocurrency, representing several clients within this growing but still niche sector.